Pink Cobalto Calcite #3

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Joy + Love + Positive Energy 

Hot pink Cobalto Calcite brings a spark of happiness to your surroundings and spirit. Nurturing openess and and emotional intelligence, this crystal helps you to remember how to love with a sense of lightness and joy.  Clusters can contain bright green Malachite and are a special blend of both heart chalkra colors ~ this adds an extra layer of compassion into the heart nourishing experience this crystal offers. Cobalto Calcite is a wonderful companion for times when you need an extra boost in confidence or when your energy is low and are in need of some cheerful vibes and vitality. Hot pink Cobalto Calcite is a sister in love to Rose Quartz, but is less common.

185 grams, 3 inch length, 2.5 inch width, 1.5 inch height