Pink Lithium Quartz cluster

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Holistic Mental Health + Antidepressant + Compassion

Lithium Quartz is a sister crystal to Lepidolite and is one of the best calming and stabilizing crystals for whenever life gets overwhelming.  Lithium Quartz contains actual Lithium - the same mineral used in anti-anxiety pharmaceuticals; because of this Lithium Quartz is a powerful addition to your holistic mental health wellness.  This crystal helps by activating energy to move and transform while still providing a stabilizing vibration.  Lithium Quartz is amazing at helping to move anxiety filled or depressive vibes out of your personal aura.  This crystal also helps strengthen your sense of compassion towards yourself and others - Lithium Quartz reminds you that everyone is doing their best - including you.

240 grams, 4 inch length, 4 inch width