Stilbite & Apophyllite Cluster #2

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Soothing + Spiritual Journeying + Intuition 

Peachy and light pink Stilbite is a very gentle heart opening crystal. Stilbite creates a peaceful bubble of soothing energy around people and places, holding space for everyone and everything to simply be. This crystal reminds you that you are enough. Stilbite aids in spiritual journeying and grounds spiritual energy. It helps to manifest intuitive thought into action. Stilbite often forms with Apophyllite and Apophyllite is the air purifier of the crystal realm and is a powerful energy cleanser. Stilbite plus Apophyllite clusters keep spaces fresh, sparkling and extremely high vibe. Stilbite clusters when placed in the bedroom, bring calm sleep and gentle dreams. The Stilbite cluster shown is also mixed with Apophyllite, both of which belong to the Zeolite family 

55 grams, 3 inch length, 2 inch width 

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