Unicorn Stone Tower

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Grounding + Compassion + Calming +Emotional Health 

Unicorn stone is a combination of Lepidolite, Pink Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz and Clevelandite. Unicorn stone offers a grounding, compassionate and calming presence and vibration. Smoky Quartz is a powerful tool for energy transmutation deep into the earth for grounding. Lepidolite is one of the best calming and stabilizing crystals for when life gets overwhelming. Promoting peace and relaxation, Pink Tourmaline connects you to wisdom and compassion and stimulates receptivity to healing energies. Clevelandite is know for its ability in healing the emotional body. Unicorn Stone is a powerful crystal and a must have for you crystal tool box. 

85 grams, 3.25 inch height, 1 inch length, 1 inch width